Thursday, June 10, 2010

The state of Climate Science

A most interesting document on climate science is found here...

I think it’s well written, cuts to the core, and uses an unusual style of writing. It doesn't appear to be pushing a pre-defined position or agenda. It’s not really written to entertain, but provides substantial clarity. It highlights the rhetorical flaws in the reasoning and argument styles on both sides, which gives it a comprehensive punch. Say what you will, but it actually tries to explain something. There are no attempts to obscure meaning while rehashing well-known key phrases. It’s 79 pages long, (no cartoons, sigh) and doesn't even have any graphs, but incredibly, it has sentences that are actually readable. And, merciful God, it's written by a law professor of all people! Damning with understated tones.

IMHO, it's surprisingly good.

- Steve

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