Wednesday, October 3, 2012


You know what?  I suppose a guy could be convicted of being a "sex offender", yet not actually be the kind of monster this term invokes.  For instance, its remotely possible - I guess - that a guy could indulge in a little hanky pank with a 17 year old girl who just lied about her age.  Hold that thought...

Simi Valley California has an ordinance in effect this Halloween which requires, in essence, that registered sex offenders are not allowed to participate in the traditional tricking and treating.  Now I don't know about you, but this Halloween I'm going to max out my VISA to buy a truckload of candy, then leave my front door light on so all the little neighborhood urchins can drop by and fill their sacks with goodies at my expense.  Hoo Rah!

I can do this because A, I'm not a registered sex offender, and B, I don't live in Simi Valley.  If I was and did, I'd be required, by law, to leave my light off - plus post a sign on my front door that says (in one inch letters): "No candy or treats at this residence".

Apparently, this doesn't sit right with at least five of Simi Valley's 119 registered sex offenders, who are suing the city on the grounds that the ordinance violates their first amendment rights.

Janice Bellucci, the lawyer representing these deviates, er, citizens, is shocked and outraged.  She says:

"It's similar to Jews in Nazi Germany who had to wear the yellow star on their clothing."


Steve, I'm perfectly willing to go through the tortuous, disagreeable logic of Ms Bellucci's argument.  But I'm afraid I have to draw the line at comparing a practicing, innocent Jew to a registered sex offender.

Getting back to my opening comment though, I doubt, extremely, that these offenders are all the victims of some misunderstanding.  They are what you and I used to call child molesters.

You know, if any of these miscreants had molested any of MY children, I doubt if some jib jab about their "rights" this Halloween would suit me.  In fact, I would have already beaten the holy crap out of them by now.  I mean it.

We live in a country which places a rather high premium on the protection of individual rights.  To achieve this goal, sometimes, we have to put up with all manner odious, repulsive acts - if only to preserve individual freedoms.  This case isn't one of them.  Boo-Yah for Simi Valley - and may Ms Bellucci and the perverts she represents all go suck an egg.