Thursday, October 7, 2010



I'm sorry I can't properly respond to your last post because there seems to be something wrong with my Internet Explorer. Apparently, you have uncovered some sort of document, or video, (I'm not sure which) that proves "the environmental movement" is on par with Islamic terrorism -or worse.

Additionally, there is some sort of evidence (text? video?) which proves that AGW theory is actually a religion - as opposed to a scientific theory, gradually constructed by thousands upon thousands of hours of patient observation and experiment over many years by experts in the field. And, most alarmingly, "believers" in this religion (like myself ) have the ultimate aim of "...implementing a world-wide totalitarian regime.". Jumpin' jehosaphat!

Well anyway, all I get when I click the link in your post is a fairly tasteless video put out by some outfit in the UK (10:10) which promotes the otherwise reasonable premise that ordinary folks like you and I can participate in cutting down on carbon emissions.

Since I know you know what straw man arguments are, I'm convinced a person of your integrity would not use one to tar and feather everyone who disagrees with your viewpoint - or, in other words, hold every man jack who considers himself to be an environmentalist accountable for every tasteless video that comes down the pike.

So, I guess you'll just have to wait until I get my internet fixed and can access all the AGW terroristic, totalitarian religious documents on which you are commenting, so I can then formulate a response.




  1. My post on the 10:10 video has nothing to do with whitewashing the entire AGW movement OTHER THAN to point out that well-deserved condemnation of the video has *NOT* been forth coming. I admit it is starting to appear, albeit VERY slowly. The (stated) benign purpose behind 10:10's agenda is immaterial. The video is WRONG: The End does not justify the Means.

    My analogy to Islamic Terrorism is the totalitarian approach to society being touted as acceptable by the video is similar to those who proclaim that no condemnation of terrorism (performed in the name of Islam) is needed, since (true) Islam is "a religion of peace". Evidence and the Real World doesn't really support that defense.

    The AGW advocates are faced with a presentation that ALL TO EASILY make it possible to paint the AGW proponents as fascist, terrorist fanatics. In a similar way, it is like supporters of the Rebel Flag refusing to acknowledge their *symbol* has been hijacked by despicable groups (the KKK, for etc.) AGW is faced with the same problem - UNLESS they come out and publicly reject this trash (not just sweep it under the rug).

    - Pro-Life activists have to vigorously disavow abortion clinic bombers. - Christians have to vigorously disavow Koran-burners. - Conservatives have to vigorously disavow... - Liberals have to vigorously disavow... etc., etc., etc.

    My point: The shoe is on the other foot and AGW should not delay. Otherwise, they put their entire program at risk. In a sense, I am providing counsel that, if taken, will help PROTECT the AGW argument.

    Personally, I still have issues and a basic disagreement with AGW as a 'pending catastrophy', but the SCIENCE contained within deserves a fair and unbiased consideration... this video, if unanswered, will prevent that.

    - Steve

  2. That's all well and good and I appreciate the clarification. But I'm still trying to figure out how "This film reveals that a significant portion of the AGW proponents support the concept of implementing a world-wide totalitarian regime.", since it does nothing of the sort.

    In the first place, I'm looking at a shockingly tasteless video and wondering how on Earth you were able to conclude FROM THIS, SPECIFIC VIDEO that anyone who judges the science behind AGW to be valid should be inclined to favor a totalitarian government - or at least calculate, again from THIS VIDEO, that a "significant proportion" of us feel that way.

    I mean, did you just call everyone and make a survey?

    "Sir, do you believe the science behind the theory of anthropocentric global warming is valid?"


    "Do you favor a world wide totalitarian regime?"

    "Why yes, come to think of it, yes I do..."

    Sorry to sound so cheeky about this but I think you're making a mountain out of a mole hill. So much so that I imagine more than a few mountains and mole hills are on the phone right now talking with there attorneys about defamation of character suits.

    But don't worry buddy, I've got your back...