Thursday, October 7, 2010


Disgusting. Horrid. And all-too revealing of what is likely to be the motivations behind an otherwise 'peaceful' movement... A link to the "10:10" video can be found here. Don't be shocked at the gore (pun intended) in the video. Sadly, no matter how you try to dress the pig in something pretty this climate alarmist message ultimately leads to one result (desire?): Death.

It will be difficult - if not impossible - to kick this trash under the rug and hope nobody smells the stench. IMHO, this is the carefully crafted message from a substantial portion (no, not all) of the individuals at very heart of the global green movement: If you stand in the way of our plans, we will eliminate you.

Even good ol' non-violent Greenpeace tip-toes around condemning this pile of putrid refuse. Their response (and most others in the environmental movement who can dig up the courage to comment at all) can be summed up as implying 'things will settle down, if the sinister forces of well-funded corporate climate-change skepticism would just get out of the way'. Hogwash.

The AGW religion suffers from an inability to rationally deal with opposing ideas. They can’t even allow for the possibility of honest dissent. And - considering the panic at the numerous attempts to get rid of this offensive video - they can’t even handle their own words being repeated back to them. This film reveals that a significant portion of the AGW proponents support the concept of implementing a world-wide totalitarian regime to enforce their viewpoint. They demand “voluntary” involvement to pledge one's support of their cause. And a failure to “volunteer” will be appreciated in an appropriate (negative) way. Tyranny, by another name, is still what it is.

I'm sorry - I don't care HOW many honest and concerned people accept the AGW dogma: this production in an attempt to generate support for AGW and other environmental concerns is a *huge* PR problem if you want to be taken seriously. IMHO, this propaganda-driven trash is on the same level as Islamic Terrorism... if these jokers "don't speak for everyone" - then why aren't environmental organizations falling all over themselves to condemn and totally reject this garbage? Don't just 'gently rebuke' it: De-fund them. Make them go away. Then, PROVE that disagreement with the canon of AGW brotherhood is not a path to Death and Destruction raining down at the hands of True Believers.

The clock is ticking.

- Steve

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