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LRA&H Official Movie List

Our list as of 7-1-2010:
>Steve Green (SG) Chris Rhetts (CR) Ted Roman (TeR) Tim Roman (TiR)
> First Update - Adding Jacob Gaither (JG) and April Finnegan (AF), 7/1:
>Second Update - Adding Christine Gaither (CG) 7/3:
>Third Update - Adding Rocio Becerra (RB)  and Jane Mitchell (RB) 7/4:
>Fourth Update - JG added 3 films 7/4:


Its A Mad Mad Mad Mad World CR/TeR/TiR
The Great Race CR
What's Up Doc? CR
The Court Jester SG
Duck Soup SG
Young Frankenstein SG/RB
The Naked Gun TeR
Ghostbusters TeR
Planes, Trains and Automobiles TiR
I Love You to Death TiR
Monty Python and the Holy Grail JG/AF/RB
Airplane JG
Blazing Saddles JG
The Awful Truth AF
Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House  AF
Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood CG
Forest Gump CG
Enchanted CG
The Court Jester RB
Old Dogs RB
The Party RB
Hook JM
Nothing to Lose JM
First Wives Club JM
Legally Blond JM
Raising Arizona JM
Big Business JM


Full Metal Jacket CR/TiR/JG
Saving Private Ryan CR/TeR/TiR
Black Hawk Down CR/RB
Patton SG
Tora, Tora, Tora SG
Stalag 17 SG
Battleground TeR
The Longest Day TeR/TiR
Heartbreak Ridge JG
Platoon JG
Empire of the Sun AF/RB
Schindler's List AF
To End All Wars AF
Pearl Harbor CG
Inglorious Basterds CG
Cold Mountain CG
The Great Escape RB
The Manchurian Candidate RB


Unforgiven CR/TeR/TiR/JG
Dances With Wolves CR/TiR
The Wild Bunch CR
Silverado SG/TiR/JG
The Magnificent Seven SG
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon SG
The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly TeR
Maverick TeR
Big Jake JG
The Searchers AF
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid AF/JM
Young Guns AF
Australia CG
Legends of the Fall CG/RB
Gran Torino CG
Tombstone RB
Brokeback Mountain RB
Paint Your Wagon JM
True Grit JM
Cat Ballou JM


The Godfather CR /SG/TeR/TiR
The Godfather II CR/TeR/TiR
Goodfellas CR/TiR
The Maltese Falcon SG
Thin Man, The SG
Casino TeR/TiR
The Usual Suspects JG
Rashomon JG
Primal Fear JG
Laura AF
Suspicion AF
Rebecca AF
Devil's Advocate CG
A Time to Kill CG
Shawshank Redemption CG
Scarface RB
Sherlock Holmes RB
Death on the Nile RB
The Thomas Crown Affair RB
Entrapment RB


Alexander Nevsky CR
Dr. Zhivago CR
Braveheart CR/SG/TeR/TiR/JG
Missiles of October SG
Apollo 13 SG/TeR/JG/RB
Glory TeR
Passion of Christ TiR/JM
The Right Stuff TiR
Gone With the Wind JG/AF
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex AF
The Three Musketeers AF
Gone With the Wind CG
From Hell CG
Calamity Jane CG
Amistad RB
The Diary of Anne Frank RB
Shindler's List JM

Science Fiction:

Star Wars CR/SG/RB
Star Wars (original trilogy) TeR/TiR
Alien CR/JG
Jurassic Park CR
Forbidden Planet SG
Metropolis SG
The Matrix I TeR/RB
Close Encounters of the Third Kind TeR/TiR/RB
District 9 TiR
Aliens JG
Predator JG
The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) AF
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi AF
The Fly AF
The 9th Gate CG
eXistenz CG
Flight of the Navigator CG
Minority Report RB
Back to the Future series JM


Casablanca - (1942) CR/SG
Sin City CR
Pulp Fiction CR
Citizen Kane SG
North by Northwest SG
Schindler's List TeR/TiR
Amadeus TeR/TiR
Escape From New York TeR
12 Angry Men TiR
Secondhand Lions JG/CG
Legends of the Fall JG
Cinderella Man JG
Dragonwyck AF
To Kill a Mockingbird AF/CG
Signs AF
Black Snake Moan CG
Jaws RB
The Manchurian Candidate RB
The Da Vinci Code RB
The Green Mile RB
The Others RB


The Exorcist CR/TeR/TiR
The Thing (1982) CR/TeR
The Shining CR/TiR
Alien SG/TeR
Frankenstein SG
Psycho SG
Blair Witch Project TiR
Hellraiser JG/CG
Nightmare on Elm Street JG/RB
Friday the 13th JG
House on Haunted Hill (1959) AF
Last Man on Earth AF
The Innocents AF
The Sixth Sense CG/RB
28 Days Later CG


The Wizard of Oz CR/SG/TeR/TiR/CG/RB
The Return of the King CR/SG
Lord of the Rings (series) TeR/TiR/AF/JM
Time Bandits CR
Harvey SG
Its a Wonderful Life TeR/TiR
Big Fish JG
Pirates of the Caribbean (series) JG/CG/RB/JM
Harry Potter (series) JG
Underworld AF
Horror of Dracula (1958) AF
Big Fish CG
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe JM
Prince Caspian JM
Willow JM
Princess Bride JM

Full Length Animated:

Fantasia -1940 CR/SG/JM
The Little Mermaid CR/TiR/JM
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within CR
The Incredibles SG/TiR
Dumbo SG
The Lion King TeR/JM
The Triplets of Belleville TeR
Team America: World Police JG
The Road to El Dorado JG
The Spongebob Squarepants Movie AF
How to Train Your Dragon AF
Ratatouille CG/RB
Nightmare Before Christmas CG/RB
Fantasia 2000 JM
Mulan JM
Snow White JM
Sleeping Beauty JM
Beauty and the Beast JM
Sword in the Stone JM
Robin Hood (Disney) JM
Prince of Egypt JM
Tarzan (Disney) JM

Romance (ick!):

Frankie and Johnnie CR
As Good As It Gets CR
Shakespere In Love CR
Gone With The Wind SG
Shenandoah SG
Old Yeller SG
When Harry Met Sally TeR/TiR
Titanic TeR
By Big Fat Greek Wedding TeR/TiR
Roman Holiday TiR
The Notebook JG/CG/RB
What Dreams May Come JG/CG
The Last of the Mohicans JG
Pride and Prejudice AF
It Happened One Night AF
The Bishop's Wife AF
Hope Floats CG/RB
For Love of the Game RB
Pride and Prejudice RB

Romantic Comedy:

Pretty Woman RB
Leap Year RB
Something's Gotta Give RB
It's Complicated RB
When Harry Met Sally RB
You've Got Mail RB/JM
Fools Rush In JM
Sleepless in Seattle JM
Big JM
Cactus Flower JM
The Proposal JM
New in Town JM
Overboard JM

Fun for the whole family:

Big CR
Its A Wonderful Life CR
Mr. Hobbs Takes A Vacation CR
The 7th Voyage of Sinbad SG
Mary Poppins SG/TeR/TiR
Raiders of the Lost Ark SG
The Love Bug TeR
Babe TeR/TiR
The Muppet Movie TiR
Goonies JG
Monsters Inc JG/JM
Willow JG
Harry Potter Series AF/CG/RB
Nacho Libre AF
Muppets in Space AF
Back to the Future Series CG/RB
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang CG
Indiana Jones Series RB
Pollyanna JM
Toy Story series JM
Alice In Wonderland (2010) JM
Finding Nemo JM
Heidi (w/Shirley Temple) JM


Singing in the Rain SG/TeR/TiR/JG/AF/CG/RB
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers SG/TeR/TiR/CG
Paint Your Wagon SG
Cabaret CR
Grease TeR/TiR/RB
Little Shop of Horrors JG
Tommy JG
GI Blues AF
Help! AF
Mary Poppins CG/RB/JM
The Sound of Music RB/JM
Moulin Rouge RB
Chicago RB
Mama Mia RB
My Fair Lady JM
Anna and the King JM


Flight of the Phoenix SG
King Kong (1939) SG
The Time Machine (G.Pal version) SG
Raiders of the Lost Ark TeR/TiR/JG
Pirates of the Caribbean (Black Pearl) TeR
The Dark Knight TeR
Back To The Future TiR
Star Trek Movie Series TiR
Rambo JG
Rocky JG
Zombieland AF
The Princess Bride AF
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade  AF/JM
Kill Bill Series CG
Lord of War CG
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow CG
Mr and Mrs Smith RB
Gone in 60 Seconds RB
16 Blocks RB
Behind Enemy Lines RB
Enemy of the State RB
Willow JM
The Incredibles JM
The Rock JM

Foreign Films (Catagory added 7/3):

Memoirs of a Geisha CG/RB
Rashomon CG
House of Flying Daggers CG
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon RB
Pan's Labyrinth RB
Like Water for Chocolate RB
Talk to Her RB
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown RB
Brotherhood of the Wolf JG
Danny the Dog (Unleashed in the USA) JG
Zatoichi: The Blind Samurai JG

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