Friday, July 2, 2010

Do we really have an immigration policy?

(Just to have post returning to political thoughts...)

I've opined in this blog on the immigration issue previously. I admit it is an exceptionally complex issue. There are No easy answers. It is so very easy to spout off generalities and platitudes (guilty as charged!).

That said, I could not help but notice that our Southern border is now MORE secure than any time in the last 20 or so years. I know this true because the President said so, and he wouldn't lie (would he?). He certainly *must* have access to the relevant data that would support such a claim... But, I also note that there exist particular sections of the Arizona border where U.S. government actually warns American citizens they are not safe and should avoid these areas. Worse, there was there was a recent gang war shoot-out, killing many people, not far from that so-called "safe and secure southern border" the President was talking about... Hmmm. Does the left hand know what the Right hand knows?

In the midst of all this, the remedy, according to the President, is amnesty - although he uses different labels for that process; apparently believing if we change the tag, we change what it is: pure foolishness, yet again. *sigh* I'm not sure why we should worry about amnesty, since the border itself is becoming increasingly safer and safer, but I digress.

The President goes further and says the reason our immigration policy is "broken" (its not working?) is because of... Republican opposition. It seems the current Democratic majorities in both houses are "not quite large enough". Therefore, according to the President, it is the duty of the Republicans to reach across the aisle and cooperate (translation: do it OUR way) on comprehensive immigration reform (whatever that is). I suppose that since the borders are already safe and secure, this should all be reasonable and very easy --- if it weren't for those petty, childish, disgruntled and nasty, (racist?) Republicans.

Meanwhile, back here in the Real World (called by some the United States), poll after poll shows that about 70% of the population WANT border fences, and they want them NOW. Given that there is also considerable concern over "jobs" and "stimulating the economy", you would think that someone, somewhere - i.e., The President - would remove their blinders long enough to realize a potential win-win is staring them in the face...

Building an effective and *really* secure fenced border would be a good stimulus project. It has all the necessary ingredients: it's a legitimate function/task for government, it employs lots of people, it's expensive, and it's something just about everyone actually wants...

Just what is the (reasonable and rational) argument that says building a fence is a BAD IDEA? And, yes, there are other sticky and difficult immigration tasks to be addressed - what to do about those already here, how open should the borders be, etc. But do we *have* to develop a complete and comprehensive plan everyone will agree to before doing ANYTHING?

It looks like the simple idea of going ahead and building a fence not only isn't on the table, I don't think anyone is even thinking about it. Why?

- Steve

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