Saturday, March 19, 2011

15 Minute Hammy Pasta Salad


As you know, Chef Christophe routinely circles the globe in search of flavorful recipes which have the important characteristic of being so easy to prepare an organ grinder's monkey could do it. And its a good thing, since Chef Christophe himself rarely aspires to that level. Today's entree: "15 Minute Hammy Pasta Salad".

Put one box of vegetable rotini on to boil (remove it from box first).

While you are waiting, drain a can of medium black olives and cut them up into halves. (While you are cutting up the olives, drink a bottle of Yuengling "Black and Tan".

When the rotini is done, drain it while drinking another Black and Tan. Then mix it together with one can (undrained) peeled, diced tomatoes, the olives, a bottle of creamy Italian dressing and about a pound of diced, fully cooked ham.

Whew! That was hard work! That calls for another B&T... Now, where was I? Oh, now add about a half cup grated mozzarella cheese. Then stand back and hit the ice box for another 12 fluid ounces of that delicious Yuengling restorative.

When your done, you should have enough to fill five, 16oz. storage containers. Fill them, set them on the counter and wait for them to cool a bit. Two or three more of that fabulous brewery's dark brown porter seem to be in order here.

Now, put the storage containers in the fridge or the freezer. You might have to make room for them in the fridge by removing a couple more beers (and popping the tops, natch!). While you are waiting for the Hammy Pasta Salad to cool off, run down to Kroger and pick up another 12 pack, since, if all goes well, you will be out of beer by now.

Tomorrow morning, take two ibuprofin and use one of the Ham/Pasta containers as an ice pack for that pounding hangover. You can eat the rest later for all I care.

Bon Appetit!

-Chef Christophe

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