Friday, November 12, 2010

Murkowski vs. Miller

1. - They're both losers in my book: Murkowski because she refused to accept the results of her party's ballot for purely personal reasons. Miller because he thinks winning the primary is the same as winning the election. Knuckleheads.

2. - I expect Murkowski to win on the recount. Hopefully she will learn a few lessons from the experience.

3. "...Mud slinging has become as iconic as apple pie and Pepsi..."
- As long as both sides continue to engage in the 'politics of personal destruction' and as long as the voters respond as they are manipulated, this will continue. Sad.

4. "...every time you think of Pelosi and I think of Cheney, we find ourselves wishing those who voted for these people could be lined up against the wall and shot."
- I don't feel that way about Pelosi: not really, anyway. (I can't speak for you and Cheney.) I just disagree with her policies.

5. "And, to have some mealy mouth politician claim that elections should be decided in the courtroom instead of the voting booth is nothing more than a profound insult to every man and woman responsible enough to go out on election day and affirm the importance of that privilege by exercising it."
(and others).

- Steve

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