Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2010 Election Predictions

(National only)
In the HOUSE - I'm predicting a gain of 64 seats by the Republicans, with wins in some unexpected seats which were once thought to be 'safe' for Democrats. Conversely, they will *not* win some seats they expected to get; it balances. Some Republicans will LOSE races due to 'throw *all* the rascals out' voter anger. I wouldn't be very surprised if they win as many as 75-80 seats, but I think that's too much to bank on.

In the Senate - I'm predicting a Republican gain of 8 seats (not enough for a majority: they would need 10). I would be surprised if they pull off a major upset and actually got control, and it's possible: just remote. What I *hope* happens would be a gain of NINE seats, shifting the balance to 50-50 and setting things up for some very interesting times with Joe Lieberman for the next 2 years. ;-)

I will predict Harry Reid loses. and don't be surprised if Pelosi loses her seat, too. Lightning rods. I further predict that the Republicans will squander the 'victory' and misinterpret the results, just like Pres. Obama assumed his victory in 2008 was a 'mandate' to implement his policies and beliefs: instead, the rabble is simply frustrated with the status quo. "A pox on both their houses", et.al.

- Steve

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