Friday, August 13, 2010

Campaign Follies - response

I agree with your post. I've been getting those calls, too. Both sides. Typically, at the most inconvenient moment of the day.

IMHO, this time around Conservatives smell blood in the water and are circling in vast numbers. That shouldn't be necessary, but horn tooting is the order of the day. *sigh* I am reminded of similar calls I received during 2008, - from liberals, surprise, surprise - which devolved in many cases to "It's all Bush's fault, so vote for me!" Same song, just circling in the opposite direction. *sigh*

Why not open the window for candidates to apply FOR ALL ELECTED OFFICES by the first Tuesday in August (but they cannot 'campaign' until August). Primary elections on first Tuesday in September. Runoffs (if any) on 3rd Tuesday in September. Full Campaigns to start on first Tuesday in October. General Election on first Tuesday in November. All other "campaigning" - including phone calls, signs, TV spots, etc. are prohibited outside those dates... except for special elections, which have a similar, and very tight, schedule to follow.

It might not be perfect, and the candidates hardly better, but at least the nonsense would be over quicker.

Oh... and Caller ID should be provided by telephone companies - as a public service - at no charge during campaign season... then, we'd all know when to avoid answering the phone.


- Steve

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