Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Thank you for responding to my request. I am inclined to recommend that neither of you consider a career switch to fireman, since I fear the house would have burned down and the fire moved off to the rest of the neighborhood while you dither as to which end of the hose should be connected to the fire hydrant. In short, each of you are living tributes to the awesome power of the Blarney Stone.

I promised you a judgement, so here you shall have it.

Mr. Green, the points you gained for timeliness you promptly threw away by calculatingly incorporating an acronym of my creation into your title. I frown on that strategy. I found your remarks to be disorganized, but refreshingly direct, at least when juxtaposed against the episode of Mr. Rhetts' meandering post. If you are going to make any further headway, I suggest you study the art of conciliation. Always bear in mind that no pill, however efficacious, will ever cure a sickness so long as the patient cannot be persuaded to take it. Work on your delivery.

Now Mr. Rhetts. The next time I am accosted by muggers, I assure you your name will immediately come to mind as my champion, since you would have no trouble talking them to death. I found myself rubbing my eyes repeatedly as I slogged through your post. While Mr. Green is working on his tact, use the time to study Haiku, which is nothing more than recognizing Nature's breathtaking simplicity. Shorter next time Mr. Rhetts... and more direct.

Overall you both have good ideas and have therefore earned the right to continue posting your thoughts in my domain. Sort through what you have offered and weld it all together into a coherent plan. I think you are close.


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