Monday, October 12, 2009


By my reckoning, you have over the last two and half months submitted 27 lengthy posts on health care reform, not to mention three amusing cartoons as well as several odd comments... and still you are individually no closer to formulating even the rough draft of a plan, much less one you can agree on.

As I mentioned to Leonard "Lips" Carrigan, upon drawing the club seven to fill my straight flush, "It's time to put up or shut up.", a challenge, by the way, of singularly powerful impact upon a man of Leonard's reputation, who would have wandered the world naked and destitute, for all time, rather shut up (Yet considering the exasperating banality of his discourse, I wish to this day he had folded).

To paraphrase a poet of my liking, I think you have miles to go before you sleep. But I on the other hand need my rest.

Mr Green, I will allow you, if you wish, one more of your confusing diatribes before submitting a workable plan of action. Mr Rhetts, since you have absorbed enough of our attention to details, I expect your next post to answer, directly, my challenge.

Gentlemen, if I haven't made myself clear enough, I challenge you to stop sniping from cover. Come out of your foxholes and attack this issue as men. Give me a plan! I won't promise you a fair, or even equal judgement. But a judgement you shall have.


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