Friday, January 6, 2012

Sometimes The Dog Won't Eat The Dog Food


First rule in sales:

No matter how good a product you have, its worthless if people won't buy it.

I should know. I sold crap used cars for years, while better ones rotted away on the back of the lot. And I was pretty shameless about it too. Whenever a customer "landed" on a particular car, suddenly, as if by magic, that car became the best value in our inventory. Even if, as was most often the case, it was an over priced, gas guzzling bucket of bolts.

It strikes me that this same principle is the guiding force in politics. Maybe a long time ago, in a universe far, far away, people just gritted their teeth and voted for the sharpest, most intelligent and experienced candidate they could lay their hands on - knowing full well that said candidate wouldn't always agree with every single one of their opinions.

My how times have changed. All I can say now Steve, is that its a good thing you don't get to be an auto mechanic or a surgeon by the same process we use to chose politicians. My gosh, we just don't build junkyards and morgues large enough to handle the increased production.


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