Monday, July 25, 2011

Here we go again...


After bombing 7 and shooting 86 people dead, now we learn through his lawyer, Geir Lippestad, that Anders Behring Breivik "... feels that what he has done does not deserve punishment" - adding, "He has been politically active and found out himself that he did not succeed with usual political tools and so resorted to violence," - and concluding with: "I await a medical assessment of him,".

Hey Geir. Here's a clue. The guy's nuts.

From all indications, we're going to get another one of those "He Didn't Know What He Was Doing Was Wrong Because He Was Off His Rocker" legal defenses, and I can just picture it. Months of delays will pass while a team of head shrinkers determine the guy's a nut job. Finally we'll get to a long trial, during the first five minutes of which the defense will concede the only important fact: that, well, yes, yes he did murder those people...

Then, everyone from the judge on down will try to look all serious for the next three months as the Mr. Breivik's lawyers try to drum up sympathy for the poor wretch. Eventually, on account of Mr. Breivik being out of his mind and all, the charges will be reduced to something only slightly more sinister than tipping over trash cans. He'll spend maybe a couple of years in minimum security, during which time he snags an interview Anderson Cooper. When he gets out he'll sell the book rights for a million five and marry a Swedish model.

OK OK, maybe I'm being a little sarcastic here. But really, do you honestly believe for one millisecond Norway will ever even consider doing to Anders Behring what Anders Behring did to 93 people without a moment's regret?

Hey Norway, wake up! This jerk killed 93 of your own people! Have your fancy trial. Then give this animal a chance to see what a bullet in the head feels like - first hand.



  1. Chris, Chris, Chris, what's happened to you?

    I feel - not think, because aren't feelings more important? - I should caution you about resorting to such hate-filled and biased statements. Don't you realize that implementing the death penalty does not make citizens safer? Not to mention that even the prospect of the death penalty poses substantial risks to innocent people: just ask your average university professor for supporting statistics.

    And what if he's gay? After all, don't studies show that most far-right-wing radical men are actually homosexuals that have not acknowledged their 'true sexual nature', which is why they act out so violently? Good heavens: You could be accused of homophobia for your callous and unfeeling comments. And if he converts to Islam, he will be part of a repressed religious minority in Norway!

    We simply must look at this situation from the predominate social philosophy: we have to consider that Breivik is the Real Victim here...

    It's clear the man is being unjustly accused before all the facts are in. If you didn't know better, you'd think he was a white-upper class lacrosse player from an ACC school!

    Take a moment to consider that Breivik has made an honestly frank admission that his actions were based on what he firmly believes. And we all know that public policy should ONLY be made on the basis of such 'strong feelings'. And when efforts are 'proper' social engineering don't work (or are not implemented to ones satisfaction), we *must* resort to the use of force. After all, you have to force people to be free.

    You need to watch your back, my friend, unless you unintentionally open yourself for the unfounded accusation you are, in fact, a stealth conservative (gasp!)... Oh, the horror!

    Finally, I could continue these feeble attempts to Swiftly opine along these lines, but let me pause for a moment and state for the record that I agree with 100% percent.

    - Steve

  2. Well I suppose its inevitable that a little venom is always going to creep into posts of mine on subjects like this.

    Furthermore, I haven't done a study of it, but I'm perfectly willing to concede the death penalty doesn't deter crime any better than imprisonment - and there probably are statistics to prove it.

    The real issue for me is economics. You, me, and every other taxpayer is being forced to pay for the continued existence of people like this - and that just irks the H*ll out of me.

    The money they're going to spend on psychoanylizing this guy would probably keep a law abiding - but poor - citizen of Norway in decent health care for life. And that's just for starters.

    When its all over, the worst part is Norwegians are going to have to pay for this guy's room and board for who knows how long.

    OK, I'm a liberal. I've got "Das Kapital" on the bookshelf and an ACLU membership card in my wallet to prove it. But try as hard as I might I can't see any point in this craziness.

    Here's an idea. Let everyone who is against the death penalty sign up and register for a Foundation. Then send the bill for Mr. Breivik's upkeep to it and let them pay for it. Problem solved...