Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tort Reform Links

A quick, off-the-top list of links to several articles for consideration concerning tort reform (it is by no means complete, but what I could generate quickly):

"The Tort Tax" (WSJ): here

"Tort costs and the economy: Myths, exaggerations, and propaganda" : here
(Response and Rebuttal to EPI): here

"America's #1 Domestic Problem" : here


"10 Steps to Tort Reform" : here

There are many others. I am sure you will provide rebuttals (although I did present at least some links from both sides of the issue). All worth considering. However, let's not focus too much on generating a competition over who's 'experts' are 'better' : this is not an Appeal to Authority.

It is difficult, at best, to predict changes in behavior or to properly define the dollar-cost specifics of a "what if things were different". Any (and *ALL*) reductions in Health Care Costs *must* be explored; even if only "1-2%" as claimed by some. To ignore or set aside Tort Reform as an integral part of the process is foolish.

- Steve

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