Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is insane.

I really didn't want to post anything on the three ring circus going on in the media over The Birth Certificate. To me, its always just been about a bunch of right wing nut jobs trying to grab headlines by pandering to a hard core of bigots. Bigots who just can't handle a black man in the White House doing anything but clearing away the dishes after dinner. As one pundit noted, the issue of foreign birth is just code for ordinary racism.

Another pundit pointed out this dog and pony show has become a national shame. After producing exhaustive, irrefutable evidence of American birth, the President had to go on national TV and present the public with a copy of the original document. And all the perverse miscreants who fanned the flames are now strutting around like proud peacocks, as if they have accomplished something, when all they've really done is give America another humiliating episode to live down.

In another sense, by forcing a good and honest man to lower himself to respond to this inane, fake crisis, what they've actually done is lowered the nation as a whole. If any of them had the slightest sense of moral dignity they would know this. But they don't. It embarrasses me to live in the same country with them.

Like I said, I didn't want to waste your time and mine calling these birthers out for the ignorant fools they are. But I came across another article which seems to add a whole new dimension to this disgusting mess.

According to Joseph Farah, World Net Daily intends to proceed with publishing a book by the muck raking, ethically challenged yahoo, Jerome Corsi, entitled: "Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President".

Huh? Steve, we know where the birth certificate is now. Why proceed with this idiotic screed? Well according to Farah: blah blah blah blah, and, "... the real issue (now) is that Obama is still not eligible to be president because his father was Kenyan and his adopted father was Indonesian, making him a potential “dual citizen” of two separate foreign countries.".

In other words, having lost the entire impetus for producing this book, Mr. Farah invents and adds a new Article to the U.S. Constitution as a bizarre form of justification. It makes no sense. It has no basis in reality, or even passing acquaintance with logic or reason.

But what I find flatly stunning is that this book will probably sell like hot cakes anyway: an outcome which at first seemed nearly as incomprehensible to me as Boolean algebra.

Then it came to me. The issue of Barak Obama's citizenship is not really a conspiracy theory after all. Conspiracy theories deal with real people supposedly performing real acts and manipulating tangible objects in the same space/time you and I inhabit. Take away these components and what have left is pretty much bupkis. It would be like saying John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Daffy Duck, or Jack The Ripper was Foghorn Leghorn in real life. See what I mean?

But why would a person spend $14.25 for a book which amounts to pretty much nothing?

I think I know why.

I think it is because when some people want to believe something bad enough, facts no longer matter. Oh sure, maybe on some barely conscious level, they may know their "facts" don't square with reality, and that bothers them. Yet in the end, its not important how they justify what they believe, but that they believe it.

This conscious effort to re-order reality to fit a belief is nothing new. But you know, I don't think I've ever seen first hand a mass expression of it on so large a scale. Which makes me wonder if maybe the highest form of self delusion is not to distort reality - but to ignore it altogether.


  1. My understanding - after numerous conversations with otherwise intelligent folks - is the desire to pursue the Birth Certificate issue is (yes) tied to racism by many. But there is a significant number of folks (more than the obvious racist, IMHO) who just don't like President Obama *and* especially hate his policies - they seek to find a method not only to throw him out of office, but to repudiate *everything* that passed Congress during his tenure. Whether or not this is a rational approach is not the point.

    We have devolved politically into a place where honest discussion and following the rules is no longer deemed necessary - instead there is a pursuit of the 'politics of personal destruction'. This particular strategy has existed for years, but began its slow climb to the forefront of what passes for political thought during the '90's.

    I despise this strategy, in all its forms.

    I supported the legitimate Right of folks to disagree with the policies of George W. Bush. I support their Right to raise questions about the validity or desirability of those policies. However, I *despise* those pundits and muckrakers who simply spew hate for someone that "doesn't believe what I believe". Disgusting.

    Today, we are at a point where - ideologically - the shoe is on the other foot. Those who spent their time and effort of the Bush years smearing and defaming "W" are now highly upset that the same tactics are being used (and abused) against 'their guy'.

    It's still wrong.

    I don't support the 'Birthers' at all. Sure, I suffer from the remnants of racism (upbringing and all that) as much as the next Son of the South. And I don't like the president's political philosophy even a little bit. But I'd rather fight with reason and logic and leave the personalities and irrelevancies out of it.

    The man was fairly elected. Let him serve. It also is the responsibility of the loyal opposition to submit a viable replacement candidate, too. Since I disagree, block his policies where possible (following Legislative Rules). Take reasoned, legitimate steps to prevent him (or his cohorts) from remaining in power. That's as far as I can/should go. If the voting public (sheep) cannot be convinced he is the wrong man for the job in 2012, so be it. Actions will have consequences.

    Besides... If there was *any* firm foundation to the Birther claims against Obama's citizenship, don't you think the HILLARY CLINTON campaign in 2008 would have used that info to full effect? I mean, let's get real here... Sheesh!

    - Steve

  2. Its rational comments like these which incline me to value your opionions, certainly above most other conservatives, but also at least on a par with most liberals.

    Some of the things you say here drive me completely around the bend, but at a minimum, you have the intellectual courage to to defend yourself with honest and open transparency.