Saturday, January 1, 2011

You've miles to go before you sleep...


As LRA&H approaches its third year in business, I should like to wish you both a Happy New Year.  May you both prosper this year in all ways civil and honorable - not to mention those endeavors to which civility and honor may not be as tightly fastened.

I wish I could say all of your posts have been uniformly entertaining.  Some, to be honest, have been stupefyingly boring - a category in which Mr. Rhetts leads by a nose (Though Mr. Green has made many remarkable contributions).  Yet no road fashioned by human hands will ever be free of ruts and potholes, and at least this one appears to be going somewhere.

Whither?  I suppose you'll know when you get there.  But let's hope that won't be anytime soon...

Best wishes,


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