Thursday, May 6, 2010

You misunderstood my rant

I was not specifically ranting against either party. I was ranting against the media for NOT DOING THEIR JOB.

Yes, both parties have made mistakes and done stupid things. Bush made errors. Obama has made errors. How are we supposed to find out about them? Media. Yes, both parties have good men periodically in power who are out of their depth at being able to handle the job (Jimmy Carter comes to mind, obviously). Both sides want the country to move ahead, and - to paraphrase JFK - they have distinctly different ideas about HOW to do that. Both positions are worthy of respect and serious consideration, whether you end up agreeing with them or not.

BTW, Bush is not the president right now and hasn't been for over a year. At what point does the current situation become Obama's? My point: the MSM continues to blame Bush when they aren't giving serious criticism to what the current administration is doing. The MEDIA *should* be exploring all options and challenging the current administration - whoever they are - to Get The Job Done. No free passes, and don't focus (praise) on issues and techniques you personally agree with. For liberty and Freedom's sake, we *need* an independent media poking and prodding the government constantly. They should be watchdogs All The Time - not just when it's convenient or when they don't like a particular party/politician.

Short form: I am sick and tired of the MSM following it's own ideology (which just happens to agree with the current administration). Sure, there is a right-wing side screaming out there (talk radio, pundits, Fox News, etc.), but they are clearly in the minority - there are far more trumpeting the glory of the current administration. There's way too much division and political posturing at the corporate level (both sides). I want the Fourth Estate as a whole to be as middle-of-the-road as possible, at least with respect to doing reporting.

For Heaven's sake: just treat *all* administrations with the same level of vitriol they did during the Bush years. After all, that's their JOB.

- Steve

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