Saturday, April 17, 2010



Jeff Shultz wrote a sports article in the AJC in which he said some disparaging things about Rush Limbaugh. Wingnut sports fans were incensed and I laughed at some of their comments so hard my side hurt. In between tears I had time to add this one in:

FREEDOM'S LIBERTY FOUNDATION is offering a new, online course. "ObamoSocialism 101" will show you with easy to follow pictures and pie charts how the American islamo/intellecto/communisto alliance has joined forces with the illuminato/homo/drugo cartel to flood our schools with nude pictures of Carmen Miranda and Estes Kefauver. OS101 will teach you how to fight back! Things like how to create alarming images by simply adding "o" to politically perjorative words and stringing them together with hash marks. You can download the course at: FREEDOM'S LIBERTY . EDU. But first be sure to turn off your firewall and set your browser's security level to "total dumbass"...

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