Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Since you have both responded, more or less, to my challenge, I feel compelled in my capacity as instructor to indulge each of you with some sort of evaluation. In this connection, be advised that I consider tact to be useful only when dealing with small children or plumbers. Plain facts indicate you are neither.

Had you not both willy nilly, and with painfully lethargic deduction arrived at the ultimate purpose of my challenge, I would be inclined to assign each of you a failing grade. You, Mr. Rhetts, plodded along, yet in conclusion troubled us with a particularly pointless, existential monologue. You, Mr. Green, arrived at originality, yet miserably failed to ground your argument anywhere in the realities of human nature.

I part with this: at all times remember that blind dogma is the refuge of timid men. Only he who admits to the possibility of error is capable of genuine growth.


Bernardo de la Paz

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